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About Me

The way gravel in a driveway jumps when the truck rolls in from who knows where. The way birthday candles dazzle and glow when your eyes are at their widest. The hooky-shook pop-punk rock from Seattle-via-Maine-based artist, Haley Graves, is the stuff that butterfly-effects an earthquake somewhere millions of miles around the world. Will you be there when the wings are just outstretched, the vibrations rumbling?

Graves, who will release her debut EP, She Thinks My Pop Punk Is Cringey, on July 30th sounds like the band that originally inspired those like Green Day, Blink-182 and all of the other memorable power-rock-chord groups of the turn of the new century. Yet, perhaps unlike those commercial groups, Graves’ music is authentic, not derivative. The novel, not the carbon copy. In the original, there is experimentation, evolution. The mire is also a birthplace.

Upcoming Events

  • Feb04 Everett, WA Tony V's Garage
  • Feb25 Seattle, WA The Factory Luxe

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