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About Me

Haley Graves is a 21 year old Black Queer Pop Punk Artist based out of Seattle, WA originally from Maine! In 2021 alone, Haley released her debut EP, “She Thinks My Pop Punk Is Cringey” and opened for nearly 100 artists, including national Pop Punk Bands, Tiny Moving Parts, Belmont and Capstan! She also opened for many local Seattle artists and bands including, The Black Tones, Shaina Shepherd and Kimya Dawson.  Haley has been featured in the Seattle Times, Maine Women’s Magazine, Femme Audio and K5 News (Nightly Magazine). Haley has been told her sound is similar to those that she idolizes including bands like Blink 182, Green Day and All Time Low but with her own flavor on top. Haley hopes that she can inspire others to do what they love and help other artists break into the music industry, especially if they are Black and Queer. Haley hopes she can inspire others to be their true and authentic-selves no matter how they present.  

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